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The founders of Sovrano have started their activity in Armenia since 1997, importing confectionery products and juices from Odessa, Ukraine.

At that time, there was no any distributors in Armenia, and sales were carried out from two main wholesale markets – Surmalu and Malatsia.

Working under various organizational and legal structures, it was decided to establish “Sovrano” LLC. in 2001.


When the business first began, it had just two suppliers, nine employees, two cars, and 200 square meters of warehouse space. Currently, it has 37,000 suppliers from more than 12 countries, over 500 employees, a car motor transport service with 65 vehicles, its own offices, and more than 9,500 square meters of warehouse space across three regions of Armenia.

Today, Sovrano has a unique right to represent a number of world brands in the Republic of Armenia, with many of which it has been cooperating for more than 15 years.

Mission &


Mission of our company is the formation of a civilized market for a variety of consumer goods, including vodka, tea, coffee, and sweets,, which will protect consumers from fake products and allow them to use original products of world brands.


The goal of the company is to take leading position in the Armenian products distribution market thanks to the joint and mutually beneficial cooperation of the professional team and partners.


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