For Lovers Of Tea

Dilmah is Sri Lanka՛s most recognized international brand of tea. The company was founded in 1974 by Merrill J Fernando. It is available in over 100 countries including Estonia, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Lithuania, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Canada, Chile, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, the United States and New Zealand. In 2009 it was considered that Dilmah was the sixth-largest tea brand in the world. Dilmah is unique in freshness, quality and integrity. It is the best available Pure Ceylon Tea in the world, as it is identified “The Single Origin 100% Pure Ceylon Tea”. Dilmah is grown, processed and packed in our own factories in Sri Lanka and shipped direct from Sri Lanka. This guarantees that Dilmah is 100% Pure Ceylon Tea. The Dilmah range includes the Premium teabag collection, Ceylon Orange Pekoe COP Leaf tea, Green tea collection, The Exotics Fun tea collection with over 10 fruit flavours and the new cotemporary tea selection – The Dilmah Exceptionals, the enjoyment of leaf tea experience in triangular bags.