Biskvit – Shokolad

Biskvit –Shokolad It is one of the largest confectionery companies in Ukraine, it was founded in 2004, joining the oldest confectionery factory «Kharkovchanka», established in 1896 and the biscuit factory of Kharkov – established in 1935. Modern equipment of European lead firms from Austria, Italy, German, Czech Republic and Holland, high technologies, the perfect stabile quality and observance of the best recipes, the constant work on creating a new original product allowed the company to get the deserved recognition and trust of consumers, to be highly appreciated by professionals, both in Ukraine and abroad. The high appreciation of production quality of “Biskvit –Shokolad” corporation were repeatedly testified in the most prestigious international confectionery exhibitions like: “ISM” (Cologne, German), “FMI” (Chicago, USA), “SIAL China” (Shanghai, China), “SIAL Paris” (Paris, France). Now it is the second largest producer of confectionery products in Ukraine and it exports its products to more than 35 countries of the world.