Nefis sweets meet any dreams!

Nefis Company is one of the largest confectionery producers in Moldova, and Nefis trademark is well-known not only in the Republic of Moldova but also abroad. Presently, the range of NEFIS products comprises over a hundred of products: candies, cookies, wafers, caramels and snacks.
The history of Nefis begins in October 1997 in a small town called Floresti, situated in the north of Moldova.First biscuit was baked on 10th February in 1998. In the early days of production there were only two kinds of biscuits, however, over recent years this number has multiplied into hundreds. Nefis is a very well-known brand in Moldova and its products are exported to more than 30 countries worldwide.Nefis built a brand new 11.000m2 factory in Cojusna which is situated 15 km from capital city Chisinau.Nefis is now making production at this factory since october 2010. Nefis currently employs 400 people.