Bright chewing sweets in various shapes and tastes

AVK is a confectionery company, one of the leaders of the domestic market, which is in top 100 of world confectionery companies. It is already 25 years that AVK is a successful company and it always develops. Perfect quality of production is the foundation of the company reputation. Today the geography of export supplies of AVK are 56 countries of the world. Plant capacities are located in Dnipro city (Ukraine). The main brands of AVK are: Bam-buk, Gulliver, Juveland, Korolevskij sharm, Korolevskij shedevr, KRESKO, Mazhor, Trufalie, Truffle, Chocolate AVK, Chocolate night, Who said muu?, BARISTI (coffee). AVK produces the unique for the Ukraine bar chocolate without sugar (milky, extra dark and chocolate bar with filling). In 2016 the company established the line of coffee production and introduced its own trade mark BARISTI. Since 2016 the company has developed the chain of firm shops. The on-line shop on sale of production is started. The production of company is certificated in the international system of quality management ISO 9000, ISO 22 000. In 2017 the high quality of AVK is confirmed by the international standard IFS.